82mm-86mm Metal Ring/82mm to 86mm Step-Up Ring for Filters

November 28, 2023 0 Comments

82mm-86mm Metal Ring/82mm to 86mm Step-Up Ring for Filters

Upgrade Your Photography Gear with the 82mm-86mm Step-Up Ring

Are you looking to enhance your photography experience? The 82mm-86mm step-up ring is the perfect accessory to take your photography gear to the next level. Made of high-quality materials and compatible with a wide range of lenses and accessories, this step-up ring is a must-have for any photographer.

Key Features

High-Quality Construction

The step-up ring is made of CNC machined metal, ensuring durability and reliability in all shooting conditions. The matte black electroplated finish not only adds a sleek and professional look to your gear, but also provides protection against scratches and corrosion.

Universal Compatibility

Compatible with all 82mm camera lenses and 86mm accessories, this step-up ring allows you to use filters and other attachments across a variety of equipment, saving you time and money on having to purchase multiple sets of the same accessories.

Easy to Use

The step-up ring features a simple and secure screw-on design, making it easy to attach and detach from your lenses and accessories. Its lightweight and compact design also makes it convenient to carry with you wherever your photography adventures take you.


What is a step-up ring?

A step-up ring is a photography accessory that allows you to adapt filters and other attachments from one lens size to another. In the case of the 82mm-86mm step-up ring, it enables you to use 86mm filters and accessories on lenses with a 82mm thread.

Is the step-up ring compatible with all lens brands?

Yes, the step-up ring is designed to be universally compatible with all 82mm camera lenses, regardless of the brand. It can also be used with any 86mm accessories, providing versatility and convenience for photographers.


Upgrade your photography gear with the 82mm-86mm step-up ring and unlock a world of creative possibilities. Its high-quality construction, universal compatibility, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless photographic opportunities with this essential accessory.