Albion Engineering B12B30SP Spot-Pro System

November 2, 2023 0 Comments

Albion Engineering B12B30SP Spot-Pro System

Albion Engineering B12B30SP Spot-Pro System

Albion’s B12B30SP Spot-Pro System is ideal for Sealing Exposed Metal Roofing/Siding Fasteners. Save your back! Stop bending over with a traditional caulk gun to seal the thousands of exposed fasteners on a metal roof. The Albion Spot-Pro system is faster, neater, saves material… And your aching back!


Efficient Dispenser

The B-line bulk dispenser + extension rod has a capacity up to 30 oz (1 Quart). It doesn’t drip, and easily disassembles for cleaning and storage. This is a complete kit with everything you need.

Versatile Dispenser

The B12B30HJ dispenser can dispense 30oz bulk, 20oz sausage, or 10oz cartridge. It comes with a comfortable cast B-Line rotating swivel handle. The barrel is 2 inches in diameter.

Extended Reach

The 1032-G02 Spot-Pro Extension 3/4″ ID Nozzle provides a three-foot reach that will save your aching back. No bending over required. The nozzle has a spring-loaded valve that is activated by pressing down on the screw head to apply a consistent dab of sealant.

Kit Includes:

  • 1032-G02 12″ Check-Valve Extension Nozzle
  • B12B30HJ – Combination Bulk/Sausage/Cartridge Dispenser
  • 426-G25 Jumbo Front Cap for Spot-Pro Nozzle
  • 235-3 Orange Cone Nozzles
  • 421-G01 Ring Front Cap
  • 21-24 Hytrel Piston for bulk and sausage use
  • 29-5 Cartridge Ejector for 10oz cartridges

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this dispenser be used for other types of sealants?

A: Yes, the B12B30HJ dispenser can be used for various types of sealants, including bulk, sausage, and cartridge.

Q: Is the Spot-Pro Extension Nozzle adjustable?

A: No, the Spot-Pro Extension Nozzle has a fixed length of three feet.

Q: Can the dispenser handle large volumes of sealant?

A: Yes, the dispenser has a capacity of up to 30 oz (1 Quart), making it suitable for sealing a large number of fasteners.


The Albion Engineering B12B30SP Spot-Pro System is a must-have for anyone working with metal roofing/siding fasteners. Its efficient dispenser and extended reach nozzle make sealing exposed fasteners a breeze. Say goodbye to backaches and save time with this complete kit. Get your Albion Spot-Pro System today!