Berglander Shower Squeegee for Glass Doors

November 20, 2023 0 Comments

Berglander Shower Squeegee for Glass Doors

Berglander Shower Squeegee for Glass Doors

Are you tired of water spots and streaks on your glass doors, windows, and mirrors? The Berglander Shower Squeegee is here to save the day! This pack of 2 squeegees is the perfect bathroom accessory for keeping your surfaces clean and clear. With its hanging hole design, it’s easy to store and always within reach when you need it.


Effective Cleaning

The high-quality rubber blade effectively removes water and soap residue, leaving your glass surfaces spotless.


Use it in the bathroom, on windows, mirrors, tiles, and even on your car windows for a streak-free shine.

Easy to Store

The hanging hole design allows you to conveniently store the squeegee on a hook or nail, keeping it out of the way when not in use.


How do I clean the squeegee?

Simply rinse it with water and wipe it dry after each use to prevent water spots on the blade.

Can I use the squeegee on delicate surfaces?

Yes, the rubber blade is gentle enough to use on delicate glass surfaces without scratching.


Say goodbye to water spots and streaks with the Berglander Shower Squeegee. Keep your glass doors, windows, and mirrors crystal clear with this pack of 2 squeegees. Its versatile use and easy storage make it a must-have for any home. Order yours today and enjoy a cleaner, brighter space!