CTP Stand Together 4-Poster Pack for Classroom

November 20, 2023 0 Comments

CTP Stand Together 4-Poster Pack for Classroom

CTP Stand Together 4-Poster Pack for Classroom

Are you looking for a way to create a positive and inclusive learning environment in your classroom? Look no further than the CTP Stand Together 4-Poster Pack for Classroom from Creative Teaching Press. This pack includes four beautifully designed posters that will inspire and motivate your students while promoting kindness, diversity, and teamwork.

Main Features

1. Inspirational Messages

The posters feature powerful and uplifting messages that will encourage your students to be their best selves. From “Kindness is Free” to “Diversity Matters,” these posters will serve as constant reminders of the values you want to instill in your students.

2. Vibrant Designs

Each poster is adorned with vibrant colors and eye-catching designs that will brighten up your classroom. The visually appealing nature of these posters will capture your students’ attention and serve as conversation starters for important discussions.

3. Durable Material

Made from high-quality material, these posters are durable and long-lasting. You can display them in your classroom for years to come without worrying about wear and tear.


Q: What are the dimensions of the posters?

A: Each poster measures 17″ x 22″, making them the perfect size for classroom display.

Q: Are the posters suitable for all grade levels?

A: Yes, the messages on the posters are universal and can resonate with students of all ages.


The CTP Stand Together 4-Poster Pack for Classroom is a must-have for any educator who wants to foster a positive and inclusive classroom environment. With its inspirational messages, vibrant designs, and durable material, these posters will make a lasting impact on your students. Get your pack today and watch as your classroom transforms into a space of kindness, diversity, and teamwork.