FOUR E’S SCIENTIFIC 100-1000ul Micropipette Single-Channel Pipettor

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FOUR E’S SCIENTIFIC 100-1000ul Micropipette Single-Channel Pipettor

FOUR E’S SCIENTIFIC 100-1000ul Micropipette Single-Channel Pipettor

FOUR E’S SCIENTIFIC pipettes have been tested for quality in accordance with ISO8655, which are for the accurate and precise sampling and dosing of liquid quantities. They work according to the air displacement principle and use disposable tips in universal size. There are nine different FOUR E’S SCIENTIFIC, each with adjustable volume.


  • Item Name: Micropipette/Pipette/Pipettes/Laboratory Single Channel Pipette
  • Channel: Single Channel
  • Volume: 100-1000渭L
  • Material: high strength ABS plastic (the unique smooth surface guarantees easy cleaning. This is the ideal pipette for sterile conditions.)


ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Lightweight, smooth thumb pump and aspiration of various liquids.

Display: 4-digit display allows clear reading and prevents errors.

EASY TO USE: Use the top button to rotate volume in 5渭L increments.

With the included calibration tool you can easily and comfortably calibrate.

Fully autoclavable without disassembly (121掳c,20 min). Autoclave sterilisation is permitted for the lower part of this pipetor.

Pipette tips

All tips are made of transparent, chemical-resistant polypropylene.

  • Flawless tip geometry ensures top pipetting performance.
  • Fully autoclavable (at 121 degrees for 20 minutes).
  • Maximum recovery of samples and reagents.
  • DNA, RNase and DNA free.


  • 1 x laboratory single channel pipette (volume of 100-1000渭L)
  • 1 x one tip.
  • 1 x Calibration Tool
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

All pipettes are quality tested according to ISO 8655.

-2-year warranty.

Higher accuracy and precision single-channel pipetor 100-1000渭L adjustable volume. The lower part can be autoclaved (without disassembly 121掳c,20 min).,Maximum acceptable systematic error (inaccuracy): 卤0.6%, random error (imprecision): 0.2%. Digital display clearly reads the volume in increments of 5 渭L.,4-digit volume display with magnifying glass display for easier volume detection calibrated according to ISO8655. Each pipette comes with individual test certificate.,Ergonomically shaped hook for comfortable handling Smooth tip assembly and ejection.,Easy to calibrate and maintain, with tools included.