Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc

October 13, 2023 0 Comments

Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc

Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc

Are you in need of a reliable cutting disc for your projects? Look no further than the Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc. This disc is designed to provide exceptional performance and durability, making it the perfect choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


1. High-Quality Materials

The Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc is made from premium materials that ensure its longevity and strength. It can withstand heavy use and is resistant to wear and tear, making it a cost-effective option for long-term use.

2. Precise Cutting

With a diameter of 125mm and a thickness of 1.6mm, this disc offers precise and accurate cutting results. Whether you’re working with metal, wood, or other materials, you can trust the Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc to deliver clean and smooth cuts every time.

3. Easy to Use

This cutting disc is designed for convenience and ease of use. It features a 22.23mm arbor size, making it compatible with most angle grinders. Additionally, its lightweight design allows for comfortable handling and reduces user fatigue during extended use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this disc be used for cutting stainless steel?

A: Yes, the Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc is suitable for cutting stainless steel, as well as other metals.

Q: How long does the disc last?

A: The lifespan of the disc depends on various factors such as the material being cut and the intensity of use. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last for a significant amount of time.

Q: Is this disc compatible with all angle grinders?

A: The Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc is designed to fit most angle grinders with a 22.23mm arbor size. However, it’s always recommended to check the compatibility with your specific grinder model.


The Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc is a top-notch cutting disc that offers exceptional performance and durability. Its high-quality materials, precise cutting capabilities, and user-friendly design make it a reliable choice for various applications. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this disc is sure to meet your cutting needs. Invest in the Metabo 616286000 M-Calibur Disc and experience the difference it can make in your projects.