Mythik Lures Drift Master – Premium Drift Sock for Small Fishing Boat Pontoon or Kayak Fishing

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Mythik Lures Drift Master – Premium Drift Sock for Small Fishing Boat, Pontoon, or Kayak Fishing

Mythik Lures Drift Master – Premium Drift Sock for Small Fishing Boat, Pontoon, or Kayak Fishing

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Complete Kit Included

You get (1) Universal 33 inch Drift Master drift sock for fishing, (1) 16 foot Floating Anchor Harness Rope, (1) BONUS Collapsing cord and (1) Stoarge Bag! Perfect for a pontoon fishing boat, small fishing boats, even kayak fishing. Fishing for walleye, pike, catfishing, trout, or bass couldn’t be easier. – IDEAL FOR TROLLING FOR FISH

Stay on Point

Finally we’re giving you the answer to nasty/windy conditions, fast currents, or strong tides. When deployed this Drift Master drift sock for fishing boat or kayak opens up like a parachute and slows you down to a crawl, so you can stay over the Strike Zone longer, kind of like a trolling plate! CATCH MORE FISH

Designed by Anglers for Anglers

We’ve been in your shoes. We created Drift Master drift sock using ultra-durable proprietary PVC RipStop material. We also use paired it with high-density nylon strapping. Essential part of your kayak fishing accessories, boat fishing accessories, or drift boat accessories – PROFESSIONAL GRADE DURABILITY

We’ve Got Your Back…Literally

You’ll never throw out your back by pulling in your Drift Master. We included a 16-foot UV-resistant marine grade rope that you attach to the end of the sock tip. Simply pull in the collapsing rope and the water dumps out! This drag bag fits easliy in your fishing storage compartment. – WITH EASE


You will have what it takes to master the windy conditions and conquer Mother Nature, so you can maximize your time on the water. Use wiith your boat anchor or kayak anchor kit to lock in your fishing spot. This fishing drift sock allows your kayak fishing gear, cat fishing, and saltwater fishing gear to perform even better! You’ve waited long enough and missed too many opportunities to catch your fish of a lifetime! – CLICK ADD TO CART NOW!