Pure Color Lamb Cashmere Fleece Blanket

November 27, 2023 0 Comments

Pure Color Lamb Cashmere Fleece Blanket

Pure Color Lamb Cashmere Fleece Blanket

Stay cozy and stylish with our Pure Color Lamb Cashmere Fleece Blanket. Perfect for all seasons, this double-sided plush blanket is ideal for both sofa lounging and camping adventures.


Soft and Luxurious

Our blanket is made from high-quality lamb cashmere fleece, providing a soft and luxurious feel that you’ll love to snuggle up with.

Double-Sided Design

With a double-sided plush design, this blanket offers two different textures for ultimate comfort. One side features a smooth finish, while the other side has a fluffy texture.

Universal Use

Whether you’re relaxing on the sofa at home or enjoying a camping trip, this blanket is perfect for all occasions and seasons.

Stylish Colors and Sizes

Available in a range of stylish colors, you can choose the perfect blanket to complement your home decor. The blanket also comes in different sizes to suit your needs.


  • Material: Lamb cashmere fleece
  • Color: Navy blue
  • Size: 200 * 230cm
  • Weight: 2.15kg


Is the blanket machine washable?

Yes, the blanket is machine washable for easy care and maintenance.

Can the blanket be used outdoors?

Absolutely! The durable and versatile design makes it perfect for outdoor use, such as camping or picnics.

What makes this blanket stand out?

The combination of lamb cashmere fleece and the double-sided plush design sets this blanket apart, providing unmatched comfort and style.


Experience the ultimate comfort and style with our Pure Color Lamb Cashmere Fleece Blanket. Whether you’re snuggled up on the sofa or enjoying the great outdoors, this blanket is the perfect companion for all your relaxation needs.